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General Inquiries

Unity Retail automates a lot of routine activities across your order processing lifecycle, allowing you and your team to be more productive and focus on creating greater value for your customers. Through automation and integrations available through the Unity Retail platform, you will be able to process a higher number of orders within the same resources, thus allowing you to significantly reduce cost of order fulfillment.


Unity Retail has integrations ready for Shopify, Magento 1 & 2 and WooCommerce. Once you sign up, you can set up integrations from the Settings where detailed guides are already available to guide you through the process. These integrations are available at zero additional cost.

We’re constantly working to add more delivery partners available for you to use through Unity Retail. Delivery services currently available through Unity Retail include TCS, Leopards Courier Service, M&P Couriers, Trax Logistics, Call Courier, Blue Ex, Delex, and TPL Rider. All you need to do is configure your credentials with these courier services and start using them.

Support & Payments

The platform is completely configurable and self-service. However, should you need any support, you can send us an email on hello@unityretail.com with details of the problem you need assistance with, and our team will shortly get in touch. If you are subscribed to our Enterprise package, you will have an Account Manager assigned to you who will be responsible for assisting you.

We process all payments online and in advance, through Safepay. In case you have processed shipments greater than your package limit in the previous month, the additional shipments will be charged as well in the monthly invoice.